Online Learning Center

Access GWC’s on-demand, interactive training system at no charge. The GWC Warranty Learning Center serves up a course library of interactive content and a schedule of live training that can help your dealership drive results. Take advantage of mobile-friendly, relevant, and self-paced content on topics like product knowledge, sales and F&I processes, and more—as well as access the in-person training calendar.

  • Save Money. Dealers will pay hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars every year for online or in-dealership training. With GWC you get this benefit at no charge.
  • Save Time. Train your staff when and where you want. No need for pricey travel that takes time away from selling. The GWC University Learning Center is available 24/7 on desktop or mobile so you choose when to train.
  • Drive Results. Rest easy knowing your staff is trained in standardized, proven sales and F&I best practices that will help.

GWC Warranty Virtual Training Features:

  • Variety of Educational Content. Helpful content about sales, F&I, service and compliance to keep your team’s skills sharp.
  • Simple, Interactive Design. Keep viewers engaged and interested with short videos, interactive quizzes and handy downloads.
  • On-Demand. Dealerships can train on their schedule, either during down time or managers can display videos as part of broader training.
  • Comprehensive Reporting. In-depth reporting keeps staff accountable while tracking progress and helping identify areas of strength or weakness.

At GWC Warranty, we deliver the training and support dealerships need to optimize every sale. To learn how you can obtain access to GWC’s Online Learning Center at no charge, contact us.