GWC Warranty Training Reviews

Let our dealer partners tell you how GWC Warranty uses a consultative approach to deliver training and support that helps dealers sell more cars and make more money.

I take all the claims that we get back and put them in a binder. I’ll never forget that I had a customer that wouldn’t buy the warranty. I must have asked three times. I opened up the binder and started showing different things that GWC had paid to repair. This guy sat back in his chair and looked at me and said “You got me. I’ll take it.

— Nelson Hinkley, Owner, Hinkley Auto Sales

We have been using GWC Warranty since we opened 8 years ago. To date, we have not been disappointed with their practices or service. We take pride in the fact that we service all of our vehicles prior to selling them, and we find that this practice along with GWC Warranty has led to very high customer satisfaction.

— John Mathews, Owner, Hinkley Auto Sales

As a used car dealership that has been in business for over 20 years, we have tried many different warranty companies. Since we started using GWC, we have stopped using any and all other warranty companies. Our rep is always available to answer any questions we may have. Our local repair shops love dealing with GWC for their easy claims process and fast payment, but more importantly our customers are completely satisfied and a satisfied customer is our main goal at Ed Holewiak Auto Sales.

— Ed Holewiak, Owner, Ed Holewiak’s Auto Sales

We deployed the GWC Certified Pre-Owned Program with all the marketing materials that came with it – the stickers, windshield advertising, hangtags, all of it. We did a two-step approach. We got the cars detailed and put the marketing materials on there so it’s right in our customers’ face. Then, I wanted customers to ask questions about the warranty. If they’re asking questions about the warranty, they’ve already purchased the car in their head. We made it seem as close to a franchise dealership as possible.

— MJ Estrada, General Manager, SRZ Auto