Behind The Wheel

GWC Warranty’s Behind The Wheel Dealer Story series, winner of a 2015 Automotive Communication Award, pulls back the curtain to unveil the people and communities that make independent dealers successful. Each dealership’s story also delves into how GWC Warranty’s best-in-class service, products, training and technology align with independent dealers’ missions to operate reputable, successful businesses.


Safeen Motors

Safeen Motors is owned by two former Iraqi refugees who capitalized on every opportunity afforded to them in America, and today own a successful dealership.


Texas Cars Direct

Texas Cars Direct offers a high-end inventory with an unrivaled approach to selling luxury vehicles. GWC Warranty ensures this high-class experience continues long after the purchase.


Luxury Motor Club

Luxury Motor Club sells high-line vehicles to high-line clientele. Whether they're selling a luxury SUV or family sedan, GWC has a product to fit their business.